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What is the Average Cost to Seal a Driveway?

Do you have a concrete, blacktop, or asphalt driveway? Extend its lifespan by sealing it. Here’s how much it will cost.

A driveway is an investment. You want to keep it well-maintained so you don’t have to replace it (which can be expensive!) or deal with unsightly, unsafe cracks. One way to maintain it is to regularly get it resealed.

Why Should I Seal my Driveway?

Your asphalt or concrete driveway is porous, and the water from rain and snow will soak into it, weakening its structure over time. Plus, the sun beats down on it day after day, and cars might leak fluids onto it. All these substances will wear away at your driveway and cause cracks, holes, stains, or a damaged top layer.

Driveways generally should be sealed every 1 to 5 years. If you live in a northern climate, you might have to seal your driveway more often since it will experience more cold, snow, and ice than those in milder locations. However, if you’re in a southern climate, the hot sun can also wreak havoc. Either pay attention to how worn your driveway looks, or ask a local expert how often you should re-seal your driveway in your particular location.

So, What’s the Average Cost to Seal a Driveway?

That depends on a few things:

  • The size of your driveway
  • Whether you do it yourself or hire it out
  • Where you live

Obviously, a long driveway might cost more than a shorter one. It’ll use up more time and materials simply because it has more square footage.

If you do it yourself, it will probably cost less as long as you already have the basic tools or get them for cheap. You’ll have to buy the cleaning solution, crack filler, and sealing solution and you’ll have to invest your time, but you should be able to get the job done for anywhere between $50 to $200 (CostHelper).

If you hire a professional driveway sealing company, it will cost more but you won’t have to invest any time into learning how to do it, shopping for supplies, and doing the actual job. They will know the best tools, the best sealer, and the best techniques for the job, and you won’t have to lift a finger. Hiring someone to seal your driveway will probably cost in the neighborhood of $200 to $2000, possibly more if you have a very long driveway (CostHelper). You can see that the numbers vary widely, but that’s because every driveway is different, and different areas have different prices.

In conclusion, it’s hard to determine the average cost of sealing a driveway since all driveways are different. If your driveway doesn’t have a lot of square footage, expect to pay a few hundred. If it’s a huge driveway, it could cost you upwards of a thousand. Call us today for a free quote!

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